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  Gargoyleо  Parental Control Systems

SoftAlleyTM  provides this page as a support to its efforts to deliver the best Products and Services.  We at SoftAlley, Inc. have been and will be on a mission to bring the best tools to parents and communities for ensuring the safety of children, and individuals.  All our family based products had always been superior to competitor's products, and they were priced at the lowest possible.  The pricing was formulaed in a way to help families who could not afford expensive systems to maintain sufficient protection for their children.

Unfortunately due to financial difficulties, and as of 2006, we have stopped production and support of all the "Gargoyle Parental Control Systems" - and without any doubt, one of the most loving and powerful web based parental control systems available to many families.  We at SoftAlley, feet humbled and honored for your trust and are still looking to get back to the roots and deliver the tools that are truly fit to your expectations and needs of today's children.

That means we need your donations and financial support now and more than ever.  Please use the following links either to look around, or help us in our mission. 

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