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GargoyleTM GateKeeper

Customizable, and Personal Parental Control System Available For All Ages!  The most popular product for families, schools and libraries.   Compare, and then select the best solution for protecting your children from dangerous web sites.       Buy Now! 

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  Gargoyle eSecureTM Suite v1.85   
Only you and your GOD, know what you may store on your computer, and only you, your GOD, and your email recipient knows what you write and deliver via your emails.  Now you can protect home computers and email against intruders and eavesdroppers. You can protect & hide your private documents and financial information from other computer users ... More     Buy Now! 

With Gargoyle GateKeeper you can chose the best ISP's for your home Internet access.  You can gain from the highest quality of services, maximum speed, and a comprehensive protection for your family.

Gargoyle supports the most complex personalization for each user.   Control, monitor, and filter the emails access, and web access.  Block Popup, privacy intruders, impersonators, Spyware, hijackers, and ...  More   

 We use our patented technologies to build the lists of porn and hazardous web sites on a daily basis.  We provide these lists for your use at no additional costs.    

Some site-blocking and monitoring software come as a 'service' for which you pay monthly.  You pay a lot to maintain your account and for the use of lists of 'banned sites' year after year.  But if you no longer wish to pay such high costs or you change your service, your children instantly lose their protection. 

With Gargoyle GateKeeper you pay just ONCE . You OWN the full system.  Gargoyle does all the job for you.  It provides automated update services for keeping your family accounts equipped with the latest lists of porn, and hazardous web sites.    


Your service provider knows your family's preferences and other demographics.  It shares your family's profile with marketers and providers, thus allowing Internet predators to access it and use it against your family. You lose your privacy.   

That never happens with Gargoyle GateKeeper, because its complete Private Protection System stays up-to-date with innovative technology.  It provides the maximum accuracy up tp 100%. It is fast.  It stops eavesdroppers on your computers. 

Other web-filtering systems may not support complex account personalization for multiple users.  Worst, they may create different security threats for your family.  Your family and other computer-based information will be exposed to many.  They will follow yours foot prints on the web. 


Gargoyle GateKeeper provides comprehensive filtering and monitoring features with every product.  In addition, its advanced design and implementation provides full personalization for all family members.  All the user accounts are protected against intruders and hackers.



It is built to work in any environment.  It works with all types of Internet connections, such as modem-based low-speed, high-speed DSL, cable, and LAN-based.  It supports all available standard browsers, such as Microsoft Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and AOL.


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