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Introducing New Standards in Parental Control Systems



  Gargoyle™ GateKeeper v3.11  

Product Features
All the products provide a comprehensive user, and information protections against all the possible threats.  Please use the threat link for further details.  I general, all our family based parental control systems provide the following brief and full features as:

Brief Features

  1. Fully Installed on User Computer - Not a Service.
  2. May be installed on server computers as well as user computers.
  3. Easy to Use, and Start.
  4. Pre-Configured for Immediate Start. 
  5. Performs Filtering with 100% result Accuracy (No. 1 in Industry).
  6. Supports Unlimited Password Protected User Accounts on a single computer.
  7. Supports Anonymous User Account for Guest Users.
  8. Blocks File Downloads.
  9. Blocks Use of Messenger.
  10. Blocks Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Applications.
  11. Blocks Explicit Music Lyrics.
  12. Blocks Popup.
  13. Allows/Blocks by URL.
  14. Allows/Blocks Web Content.
  15. Protects Confidential Information.
  16. Protects Against Intruders, Hijackers, Impersonators, Spyware, Trojan Horse.
  17. Blocks Spam Emails, and Malicious HTML pages.
  18. Restricts Use of Email - Approved/Disapprove Email Contacts, and Messages.
  19. Use of Multiplex Filtering Layer (MFL) - First to Filter Web Sites by URL, Second to Filter The Contents Coming from Trusted Web Sites.     
  20. May Block & Filter Few Disapproved Content - All Other Contents Are Accessible.
  21. May Only Allow User Access to Few Approved Content - All other Web Contents Are Blocked.
  22. Blocks & Filters Spam Emails - Provides Soft/Hard Email Filtering.
  23. Provides Optional Email Alert Systems (administrators will receive reports for all user disapproved attempts such as disapproved file downloads, web access, etc.  While the user disapproved actions may not be blocked, the alerts will be generated). 
  24. Provides Online Activity Monitoring Tools For Each User Account  (Administrators observe who did what).
  25. May Block the User Access to Most Web Sites - Only Allow a Restricted Web Access to Few Selected Friendly Sites (suitable for junior users).
  26. May Allow the Restricted Access to Few Friendly Web Sites - All Other Web Sited are Blocked (suitable for teenagers).
  27. Provides Smart Search Tools.
  28. Runs in Manual & Automated Mode.
  29. Shut Downs the Web Access  During Selected Hours.
  30. Runs 24X7 - Automated Support of Multiple. User/Environment During 24X7 Use.
  31. Starts After Computer Boot Ups.
  32. May Start by Each User in Manual Mode.
  33. May be used by anonymous users.
  34. Provides Easy to Use Administrative Tools.
  35. Provides a safe HTTP proxy server with the proxy chaining capabilities.
Full Features

The most accurate product that is available in the market.  The filtering results may reach to 100% accuracy.

The use of proprietary technologies allows the authorities and administrators to prohibit user access to all the disapproved web sites, while allowing user access to some web sites just for educational purposes.

Is fully owned and installed on home computer, and remote server computer.

The only product in the market that does not require external dependencies or resources for protecting families, and businesses.

May be launched manually, or automated.  It is equipped with a private and programmable 24X7 Scheduler for supporting up to 48 different environment requirements.  

  1. Blocks File Downloads

  2. Blocks Music Lyrics.
  3. Blocks Use of Messenger.
  4. Blocks Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Applications.
  5. Restricts Use of Email.
  6. Shuts Down/Restricts Web Access during the Scheduled Hours.
  7. Programmable for every 30 minutes time slut.
  8. Access customization may vary from a full shut down up to a full unrestricted access.
  9. Pre-Programmed for average users.  

Is built to be maintenance free.  It uses well-maintained and daily updated lists and dictionaries.  Administrators may choose to update or add their own lists.  Administrators may share lists among other users.

It is extremely scaleable, and faster than any other service-based, or client-based products.

It provides the most comprehensive and accurate filtering and security System.    This allows the use of maximum security and privacy protection for families, and businesses.

Fully protects confidential information over email communications, and online web access. 

Fully protects against impersonation, hijackers, intruders, and Spyware.

Is not part of the ISP services; therefore, it cannot be terminated unexpectedly.

Supports all operating systems, including Mac OS, and Windows. 

Supports all types of Internet accesses. 

Supports all standard web-based browsers, including Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Explorer, and AOL.

Provides a private and customized domain and content filtering system for individual family members or group of users on home and remote computers

Supports anonymous users.

Provides Soft/Hard Domain Filtering.  Administrators may receive optional alerts for user-disapproved actions (blocked, or not).

Provides Soft/Hard Content Filtering.  Occasionally, the contents coming from the approved web sites may contain disapproved materials.  This feature allows the authorities to further regulate such contents.  The contents may be partially cleaned, or may be fully stopped reaching certain users.

Supports the web access to few approve categories, and documents, while the rest are disapproved.  Alternatively, may restrict the access to few disapproved categories, and documents, while the rest are allowed.

Provides layered Email Filtering.  It supports the use of Spam Email Blocking; in addition to the use of Email content filtering itself.  This restricts the email usage to approved recipients, subjects and proper messages.  

Provides Soft/Hard Spam Email Filtering.  This allows administrators to restrict the approved user emails to few addresses, and subjects.  Alternatively, user emails are allowed in general, but they may be restricted for exceptional addresses, and subjects.  The restricted emails may only be disabled within the user email inboxes. Alternatively, the suspended emails may be removed from the user email inboxes.

Provided Soft/Hard Email Content Filtering.  The second layer will filter the messages for proper categories, and materials.    

Provides a privacy shield for protecting confidential information such as user names, residential addresses, emails addresses, credit card numbers, and etc.  The user security rules may be set for different types, or sets of protection.  While, administrators will have no restrictions, their children may not use such protected information on the web.

Provides user-friendly administrative tools.

Provides monitoring tools to aid administrators in supervising each individual child.  This tool enables administrators to monitor their children's access histories and locations.

Provides an optional alert system for all the user blocked attempts.  The alert system may be tuned on/off.  While the user access violations, and disapproved actions may not be blocked, the alert system will send reports to administrators with the data such as the user name, the access date, and the violated actions.    

Allows creation of unlimited customized web user accounts, in additional to anonymous user account.

Administrators may create individual accounts for their children and other family members, and will personalize the security rules for each user account. 

Administrators personalize the security rules for each user account.  User accounts will be used for manual and automated application launches.

When the application is launched manually, each user account requires a username and password (Authentication: User).  When the application is launched automatically, it does not require user authentication.  Its 24X7 operations is guided by its scheduler.

When the application is set in automated mode, it will start functioning after the computer is turned on.  It will use a programmable scheduler for proper behavior.  The system will use the designated user account during the programmed hours.  The system may even shut down the web access during the desired hours.  This will restrict user web access during certain hours.

It is simple, and it does not require advanced computer experience.

It is extremely secure for all user ages.

User access lists are divided into two categories: 'friendly' and 'unfriendly', and each user has its own access lists.  Administrators customize these lists for the individual children.

Parental defined blocks are built by appropriate use of individual user lists.  The domain filtering is executed extremely efficient by using high-speed pattern matching technologiesThis optimization technique will significantly minimize processing time and delays.

Provides partial or full access to all trusted web sites while stopping all other requests.

Provides superior email protection beyond the commonly practiced industrial Spam email protection.  This allows administrators to specifically deny or partially restrict certain emails to reach their children.

Provides superior privacy and security customization features beyond the capabilities of other ISP-based systems. This offers complete confidentiality without interruptions to the current system. The user may simply remove the ISP-based security features to minimize the account cost overheads.

The off-the-shelf account setups will be sufficient for immediate use of the application.  The application provides easy to use account utilities for user profile personalization.

User profiles are locked and are protected against service providers.

Provides a safe HTTP proxy server with the proxy chaining, and proxy script capabilities.

Supports the use of the ISMT tools, such as popup blocker, intrusion control, hijacker/Spyware blocker, and etc.

Supports the use of the eSecure Suite for protecting user computer file systems, secure file shredder, and email confidentiality.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Memory 64M RAM (Minimum Recommended).

All kinds of Operating Systems, such as Mac OS, Windows

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Available Gargoyle GateKeeper Product Suites.
Gargoyle™ GateKeeper system comes in five major editions: Junior, Standard, Personal, Enterprise and Corporate Solutions.  Extensive reviews have confirmed that Gargoyle™ GateKeeper Parental Control System is the proven best in comparison with all the other products and solutions now available to families.  compare all products  

Gargoyle GateKeeper not only resolves the current pitfalls, but also offers additional tools for a comprehensive web-based security system.  

All the editions provide a full content and domain filtering with monitoring tools.  This includes a Soft/Hard filtering options.

The Standard Edition supports a sub-set of the packages known as the Internet Security Management Tools (ISMT) .

In addition, the Personal, Enterprise, and Corporate Editions support the use of ISMT.

The Enterprise, and Corporate Editions also provide the "Gargoyle eSecure Suite."   

The Personal Edition users may purchase the eSecure Suite as a separate package.

  see comparison details

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The Gargoyle eSecure Suite is available either as a separate product, or as integrated part of the Gargoyle Enterprise, and Corporate Editions.


The Personal, and Enterprise Editions are suitable for all environments.  They support a comprehensive filtering, monitoring, eSecure Suite, and the ISMT tools. 


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