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*   SoftAlleyTM, Inc. the security company for the future

The SoftAlley, Inc. has more than a decade of proven working experience in intelligent software development and solutions.  

During the 90s, the company built its core competencies in the areas of intelligent programming and the Internet security solutions and systems.  Our research team comprises a network of highly motivated and dedicated talents from the top academic institutions in the US, and Europe.  Our vast experience in the Network security solutions has allowed us to address a variety of challenges with the appropriate solutions and products. We have also demonstrated competency and effectiveness in consulting practices in collaboration with a partner that has brought significant experience in IT solutions and management consulting to our corporate.  This has enabled us to further enhance our production experience in order to serve the dynamic security needs of our clients.  We continue to increase our market share faster than any of our competitors.  

New Partnership. We are therefore pleased to announce the new management and new president as of 2015.  Our new president and owner brings years of management experience and a resh start to many talents at SoftAlley and our sister consulting business as InfoRender. 

Organization History. SoftAlley, Inc. has been involved in B2B, and B2C, and C2B community filtering systems and successfully launched its flagship filtering system Gargoyle™ GateKeeper in 2002.  This product provides a Web-based filtering and monitoring system for families and businesses. InfoRender Security Technologies, has already achieved the excellence in Information Security consulting and has introduced its unique methodologies to solve acute corporate problems. 

Both organizations have seized the opportunity to build a successful partnership based on their experience, technical abilities, and the competitive advantages each brings to the table.  We are setting new standards in management and security consulting, in addition to developing products and solutions to benefit our clients significantly.

New Vision. To remain the global leadership in Network Security and management tools and Cloud solutions…. capitalizing on the superior consulting experience brought in by InfoRender, and the advanced research and development skills provided by SoftAlley.     

Customer Focus.  We provide solutions that help our clients protect their businesses by identifying and solving their privacy protection, and Network security problems throughout their enterprises and with their customers, partners, and suppliers.

Solution Development Focus.  We develop a specialized portfolio of these solutions, capitalizing on InfoRender’s expertise in the human technology components, and SoftAlley’s expertise in developing the protected infrastructure.

Quality and Profitability Focus.  We create the tools and solutions within your organization that will enable your employees to enjoy the benefits of maximum security, privacy and management visibilities, and corporate control/values.

Our Associates. They will create an environment where they can constantly increase their qualifications and succeed.       

Our Clients.  We will work to maintain their trust and confidence.      

Quality.  We deliver high quality of services and products in everything we do, so as to build effective processes, good references and the overall reputation of our company.Innovation.   Our innovations provide the means to develop knowledge protection, information protection, control, privacy and security solutions for our clients.        

Teamwork. It spans among our internal productions to our external client projects. It allows us to share, capture, and deliver the maximum knowledge to our clients, and customers. Our knowledge helps us to significantly improve out consulting practices beyond our competitors.      

Leadership.  We provide focus, direction, guidance, role modeling, and support to our associates.

Social Responsibility. We believe in our commitments as responsible corporate citizen.

Our People. SoftAlley has the national scope and presence to serve your multi-site IT needs, wherever you need us. Our consulting and engineering team offers you the expertise and experience of many exceptional people across the country.

At SoftAlley, our people are our most valuable asset. Since our company runs on intellectual capital, our executives and subject matter experts lead our mission, strategy and development.  SoftAlley hires exceptional people who are known throughout the industry for their unique blend of up-to-the-minute technical expertise, business acumen, and experience; making each a true partner for improving your business. Our professionals are trained in the latest IT tools and techniques, with certifications in all major technologies. Most importantly, our associates are trained to listen, diagnose your challenges, and deliver the best solutions for your business. 




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