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Business Strategy

SoftAlley, Inc. consists of two orthogonal and complementary business dimensions, providing some of the best software solutions in personalized filtering products as well as a wide range of security and enterprise consulting services.  

SoftAlley, Inc., which has established its core competencies in development practice, has been a leading security consulting and solution provider.  Recently it acquired InfoRender consulting firm in Information Security.  This new acquisition has made possible the most effective integration of technology and practice to benefit our clients worldwide.  It allows us to provide the most cost-effective and customized solutions to a rapidly growing market.  

While the product group engages in development and support of high profile and cutting-edge products in personalized Internet solutions, it also complements our consultancy role.  The proprietary tools and methodologies developed by the product group enable the consulting group to function more efficiently on a global scale.  

Depending on the business and technical necessities such as the client infrastructure, or selections, we use wide range of popular solutions and technologies i our consulting practices.   



Security Consulting Practice.  Some of our security consulting services within the U.S. and around the world are listed below.

We provide a wide range of services and solutions within the security industry.  We provide various services such as site review, mentoring, auditing, design, integration, production, and training.  We deliver the best solutions in the industry.  We use many popular technologies available in the market. 

We also build customized security solutions such as Federated Identity, Identity & Access Management, SSO, and WebSSO.   Only by our client's choices and teh solution feasibility studies, we may use our own technologies.   In either cases we make sure that our clients receive the best possible services. 

Please visit our security consulting web site at:


eCommerce Solution Provider. SoftAlley, Inc. is one of the leaders in advanced applied technologies.  We encourage collaborative research activities in advanced Internet-based solutions with other organizations and institutes.  We have already been engaged in projects with high-ranking schools, such as Columbia University, New York University, Brown University, Boston University, and MIT.  The organization's core competencies and interests are in the following areas:

Security Systems 
Privacy Protection Systems
eBusiness & B2B Solutions
Community Filtering Systems
Collaborative Processes
Management Systems
Monitoring Systems
Alert Systems
. We collaborate with other companies to bring the right solutions to our clients. 


Off-the-Shelf & Customized Products: 

Gargoyle GateKeeper.  This product provides a full web security filtering, intrusion control, alert system, monitoring system, and many other Internet Management tools.  One of its Editions is best fit for a parental control system on the web.   It provides private personalized system for a group of users on remote servers, as well as on single user computer.  Its design enables parents to supervise their children's Internet access under any age group.  More

Gargoyle eSecure™ Suite.  This product provides webSSO, SSO, authentication & access management, confidentiality, email privacy protection, and computer file system protection system.  The product helps computer owners to lock their sensitive files, pictures, audio/video clips, and financial documents on their computers.  This will protect these documents against local and remote Intruders attacks.  The email privacy tools will protect the email messages against eavesdroppers, and data mining/spying engines.  The specially protected email messages will not be detected by smart eavesdropping engines.  Even after the accidental interceptions, the email messages provide no useful information. More

BeyondAgents™.  This product provides B2B and B2C community-based filtering and exchange systems. These systems facilitate the creation of communities through secure channels. Only interested parties will be notified of the events within a given community.  This product also offers tools for various kinds of secure business trading systems. 

For further details regarding this product, please contact us at:

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