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Cloud Based File System and Storage. The cloud based file systems and storage are susceptible to remote security threats. Our patented solutions will allow the implementation of many critical eCommerce solutions that rely on secured data on remote system.  Our combined secureDoc and secureMail will integrate well and benefit the scalability, security as well as usability and fesibility of Cloud technologies. 

Vulnerable Computer File System. The computer file
system is susceptible to critical security threats.  If a computer is lost or stolen, all the information on the computer is exposed to possible abuse.  Moreover, once the computer system in connected to the Internet, there is a higher risk of hackers and intruders breaking into the system, snooping around the file system, and getting access to the user’s files and documents.   These intruders may even act as hijackers, who use the computer’s resources for malicious purposes, such as providing porn services to their clients. 

File Shredder. Every time that a computer user deletes unwanted files from his computer, he creates new privacy and security threat.  This is because an intruder may reconstruct the deleted files from the hard drive, and use them.   This is because sending deleted files to the recycle bins, or even emptying them from the recycle bins do not destroy them form the computer hard drives.  

Therefore, a proper way to delete files are to send them through an electronic shredder.  The secureDoc provide such utility to destroy the files beyond any recognition.  The implementation goes beyond the US Government DoD standard 5220-22-M.  The Shredder will effectively overwrite and wipe out the files beyond recovery.

Computer Hijackers and Identity Theft. Hijackers may also impersonate the user’s identity, and then send their own Spam emails for marketing purposes.  Many computer systems also collaborate with the outside world without requiring any user permissions or confirmation.  Some people may also unwittingly let in Spyware agents and Trojan horses while downloading freeware, or open email attachments.  

These spy agents can transmit the user activities and his/her personal information to outsiders.   They have the ability to filter user emails for useful information and transmit them to other computers around the world.

Some Spyware and Trojan horses may monitor and register the locations on the web accessed by the user.

Some spy agents may monitor and register user activities during online banking or shopping.

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