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Gargoyle eSecureTM Suite – secureMailTM  

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Support Cloud Solutions. Many cloud based solutions require confidentiality of data without a full confidentiality of the entire message. Many cloud based solutions require confidentiality of user data without the a need for a full message encryption.  When forms are passed around, the data is the key part of the form and this minimizes the cost for a full encryption.   The use of secureMail with secureDoc will provide the fundamental support for many secured Cloud soutions.

Protects Against Lawsuits. There are many occasions that the transparency of user online activities, or client's confidential information leakage may bring financial lawsuits to the corporate as well as the families.  For example, some children may purchase online music files, and innocently exchange their paid music files with their friends.  Children may use email system to send music file as attachments.  This ordinary file exchange among children may look like a simple music CD exchange among friends.  However, the so-called 'file-sharing' exchange may bring unwelcoming corporate lawsuits by music industry.  Families may face sever emotional, and financial damages.  

Computer Hijackers and Identity Theft. Hijackers may also impersonate the user’s identity, and then send their own Spam emails for marketing purposes.  Many computer systems also collaborate with the outside world without requiring any user permissions or confirmation.  Some people may also unwittingly let in Spyware agents and Trojan horses while downloading freeware, or open email attachments.  

These spy agents can transmit the user activities and his/her personal information to outsiders.   They have the ability to filter user emails for useful information and transmit them to other computers around the world.

Some Spyware and Trojan horses may monitor and register the locations on the web accessed by the user.

Some spy agents may monitor and register user activities during online banking or shopping.

Email Confidentiality. Current Internet security systems do not provide full protection against eavesdroppers and snoopers.  The current Internet security layer only provides secure pipelines for encrypted communications.  The email servers use encryption algorithms to protect email system and thus the messages themselves against eavesdroppers and snoopers.   Message encryption requires the use of secure keys.  Whoever has the key can decipher the messages.  Recently, several authorities and public research groups have announced that current email security systems are not safe, and that they are already broken.  As a result, email messages can be accessed and read by online eavesdroppers and snoopers.  It is extremely tempting for some business communities to use data mining engines to take advantage of the currently insecure email system.  Furthermore, Emails can be used against both sender and receiver and the information contained in them sold.

The popular use of mobile networking, communications and computing has compounded these very serious threats to privacy and user information.

Different threats may also exist for email systems, which work in a way that is very similar to the physical postal system.  A user composes a message and sends it to another party.  However, that message is first forwarded to a corporate or commercial email server for distribution.  At the email server messages are queued and processed. The mail server will then select the proper email servers through which to deliver email messages.

The queue access, however, is a critical point where threats to privacy are likely to occur. That is to say: while messages are awaiting processing by the server, they are unprotected.

Only communications between two email servers are specially treated.  Even so, these may not be entirely safe.  It may be analogous to the situation in countries where the postal service itself is used to monitor people’s private communications.

Other messages are afforded minimal protection, which makes the current email system very transparent and vulnerable to abuses.

When people use public email systems for their email, the privacy of their messages is more likely to be breached. Free email services, for example, fall under this category.

Another growing threat affects mobile communications, which may be easily intercepted and broken.  



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