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Parental Control System
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Offers an Off-the-Shelf Parental Control Solution

Brief Features

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Introducing New Standards in Parental Control System



  Gargoyle™ GateKeeper Parental Control System v3.11  

Offers an Off-the-Shelf Parental Control System
Our core security products provide stand-alone security system, which can be integrated within any environment.  All the Gargoyle products are independent of external resources, and services.  Thus, they offer the maximum user confidentialities, privacy, performance accuracy, speed, and security protection at a minimum cost.  Our products are differentiated from others by significant advantages and superior performance.  

Brief Features

  1. Fully Installed on User Computer - Not a Service.

  2. May be installed on server computers as well as user computers.
  3. Easy to Use, and Start.
  4. Pre-Configured for Immediate Start.
  5. Performs Filtering with 100% result Accuracy.
  6. Supports Unlimited Password Protected User Accounts on a single computer.
  7. Supports Anonymous User Account for Guest Users.
  8. Blocks File Downloads.
  9. Blocks Use of Messenger.
  10. Blocks Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Applications.
  11. Blocks Explicit Music Lyrics.
  12. Blocks Popup.
  13. Allows/Blocks by URL.
  14. Allows/Blocks Web Content.
  15. Protects Confidential Information.
  16. Protects Against Intruders, Hijackers, Impersonators, Spyware, Trojan Horse.
  17. Blocks Spam Emails, and Malicious HTML pages.
  18. Restricts Use of Email - Approved/Disapprove Email Contacts, and Messages.
  19. Use of Multiplex Filtering Layer (MFL) - First to Filter Web Sites by URL, Second to Filter The Contents Coming from Trusted Web Sites.     
  20. May Block & Filter Few Disapproved Content - All Other Contents Are Accessible.
  21. May Only Allow User Access to Few Approved Content - All other Web Contents Are Blocked.
  22. Blocks & Filters Spam Emails - Provides Soft/Hard Email Filtering.
  23. Provides Optional Email Alert Systems (parents will receive reports for all user disapproved attempts such as disapproved file downloads, web access, etc.  While the user disapproved actions may not be blocked, the alerts will be generated). 
  24. Provides Online Activity Monitoring Tools For Each User Account  (Parents observe who did what).
  25. May Block the User Access to Most Web Sites - Only Allow a Restricted Web Access to Few Selected Friendly Sites (suitable for junior users).
  26. May Allow the Restricted Access to Few Friendly Web Sites - All Other Web Sited are Blocked (suitable for teenagers).
  27. Provides Smart Search Tools.
  28. Runs in Manual & Automated Mode.
  29. Shut Downs the Web Access  During Selected Hours.
  30. Runs 24X7 - Automated Support of Multiple User/Environment During 24X7 Use.
  31. Starts After Computer Boot Ups.
  32. May Start by Each User in Manual Mode.
  33. May be used by anonymous users.
  34. Provides Easy to Use Administrative Tool.


Full Features

      Easy to Use.  The product is equipped with pre-programmed setup options.  You do not need to change the overall configurations to use the system.  Simply use it in the automated mode.  You never notice it is running until you need it.  At any time you may stop it easily.  You may start it in the manual mode at your will.

      Easy to Sart.  Its operation is simple and does not require additional computer expertise.  Simply use it in the automated mode, and you never need to start it again.  At any time you may stop it easily.

      Low Cost.  Its cost is limited to a one-time license charge at a low price.  There is no additional charge for using this product.

      Protects Against Lawsuits.  Families may use the eSecure tools for sharing their purchased music files and other files among the family members, and friend.

      Supports Unlimited User Account Customization. It supports unlimited user accounts with diverse customization needs.

      Advanced Customization. It supports maximum customization options.  Many options may be turned on/off as well.

      Automated Startup.  The system may run on an automated mode.  Parents may use a programmed scheduler on the automated mode.

      Available 24X7.  The system is available after the computer is turned on.  This allows maximum user protection.  The system may be launched manually as well.

      Works Anywhere.  It supports all the current operating systems and all the major browsers.  The system works on all types of Internet accesses, such as low-speed modem, high-speed DSL modem, cable, and direct LAN connections.

      Protects User Profiles. All user identities, system information, and configurations are hidden and locked against intruders and unauthorized access.  The system also protects user sensitive information against unauthorized disclosure on the web.  For example, the system will prevent the children to fill out online forms.  

      Email Control.  It provides a full email filtering.  Parents can use this tool to monitor, and control their children emails.

      Spam Email Blocking.  This additional tool is available via the use of ISMT.  It protects user from unwanted emails.

        Provides Advanced Domain Filtering Options.  It provides powerful filtering systems for delivering an efficient parental control system.  Depending on the filtering setups, it restricts the user web access to the bad sites (unfriendly lists), or restricts the user web access to a few trusted web sites (friendly lists).  The uses of  Soft/Hard domain filtering allow the parents to control and protect their young children, and closely supervise adult users.  The filtering behavior may be set differently during certain hours of day.  The customized user access rules direct the system how to intercept and approve user requests to reach 'friendly' web sites.   The degrees of filtering effects may be customized for each user, or within certain hours.   

      Provides Advanced Content Filtering Options.  Occasionally, the approved web sites may provide a content that is not suitable for children, or users.  The additional Soft/Hard content filtering tools allows the parents to further filter the contents provided by the approved domains.  This may stop some of the contents provided by such trusted domains.  However, the use of intelligent parsing engines will allow the approved educational contents for different age groups to reach only those users.  The degrees of filtering effects may be customized for each user, or within certain hours.

      Provides Complete Monitoring Tools.  It provides web access monitoring for each account, which enables parents to oversee their children’s whereabouts in cyber space.  The system stores information about each user.  Parents can ascertain which web sites their children have visited.  More statistics, such as the time and frequency of web use, are made available as well.

      Provides Alert Systems for Violations.  When turned on, the secure alert system will send confidential reports for user violations.  Therefore, while parents may decide not to block the user access violations, they may wish to receive a report regarding the full details of each user violations.  This is suitable for matured users.  Alternatively, parent may decide to block the disapproved actions, and also receive such reports.  This mode is suitable for younger web users.

      Provides Unique Set of the Internet Security Management Tools (ISMT).  It is equipped to the best security tools that are available in one single product.   These tools will protect the user, and the computer systems against most serious privacy and security threats.  

      Provides File and Email Confidential Protection.  It provides one of the best computer file security and privacy protection.  This will help the online communications to become confidential as well.  The secure file shredder, and the use of email privacy tools complement the entire suite of tools, packages, and utilities.


Minimum Hardware Requirements

Memory 64M RAM (Minimum Recommended).

All Operating Systems, including Mac OS, and  Windows. 

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Available Gargoyle GateKeeper Product Suites
Gargoyle™ GateKeeper system comes in five major editions: Junior, Standard, Personal, Enterprise and Corporate Solutions.  Extensive reviews have confirmed that Gargoyle™ GateKeeper Parental Control System is the proven best in comparison with all the other products and solutions now available to families. 

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Gargoyle GateKeeper not only resolves the current pitfalls, but also offers additional tools for a comprehensive web-based security system.  

All the editions provide a full content and domain filtering with monitoring tools.

The Standard Edition supports a sub-set of the packages known as the Internet Security Management Tools (ISMT).

In addition, the Personal, Enterprise, and Corporate Editions support the use of ISMT.

The Enterprise, and Corporate Editions also provides the "Gargoyle eSecure Suite."   

The Personal Edition users may purchase the eSecure Suite as a separate package.


Introducing New Standards in Parental Control Systems

Superior Design.  Gargoyle™ GateKeeper System provides the plug-ins for major popular web browsers, such as Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Explorer.  It supports all types of Internet access.  It can easily be integrated and configured to work in any environment.  

Reliability. It can co-exist with all major ISP services--including AOL--while it protects family members with its additional security features in such insecure open environments.  

Independence. It operates independent of other products or services.  Once it is installed, it never stops working.  

Available 24X7. Gargoyle protection will never interrupted by service providers.  When used in the automated mode, it starts after the computer is turned on, and it is available to all the users.  The programmable scheduler will use the proper security rules.  When launched in the manual mode, it provides uniform security roles for particular users.   

Maintenance Free. The Gargoyle automated update services require no additional user effort for maintaining the proper updating for the user accounts.  Currently, each product is preset to use our lists.  Parents will stop this service at their will.  The service will automatically use our updated libraries to update the user lists.  We use our patented technologies to create and update generic and specialized lists libraries for parents and corporate    

Protection.  It provides the full and personalized security shields over the entire family and business.  It stops Intruders from accessing the user computers.  It stops the unauthorized users from exposing confidential information on the web.  It protects the users against Spyware, Trojan Horses, Spam emails, and Impersonators.  It can supervise the computer use during approved hours, and block the web accesses during off-hours. 

Provides Powerful Filtering System.  The product allows access personalization by providing a single administrative user account for parents.  In turn, the administrative user can create unlimited individual user accounts for individual children.  Parents have unlimited discretion to create, remove, or customize other user accounts. 

Domain Filtering.  System supports the use of domain filtering to disqualify the mistrusted web sited with disapproved contents.  Extreme account personalization is possible by using either friendly, or unfriendly options.   The filtering results will vary for users in different age groups.   

Content Filtering.  System supports the use of content filtering to prevent the disqualified contents available from the trusted web sites to reach users at different age groups.  The use of either friendly, or unfriendly options support extreme account personalization.  The filtering results will vary for users in different age groups.  

Unlimited User accounts.  System supports unlimited user accounts, and per-account personalization.  Parents can use individual accounts for their children.

Password-Protected Accounts (Only used in the Manual Launch Mode). Each account is protected by a unique username, and password.  In addition to the password-protected accounts, a generic account is also available for users with no personal customized account.  This anonymous account is suitable for very young users and offers maximum access constraints. 

Dynamic Personalization.  Account personalization is a useful feature since not all the children have the same identical needs.  Parents can customize each account for their children, thus choosing the proper security rules.  Gargoyle™ GateKeeper Server then uses these rules as guidelines for approving access to web sites.  Many friendly, or unfriendly options are available for account personalization.

Dynamic Pattern Matching Technologies (DPMT).  Parents can use a limited set of hot words or key expressions to dynamically build user domain lists with possible tens of thousands of domain names combinations.  This process is optimized to build the possible combinations only when required.

Blocked Web Access. The system's substitution of safe domains for the domains that it blocks deters the curiosities of most young users.  In most cases, this is enough to persuade them never to try such web sites again.

Provides Account Monitoring Tools.  Gargoyle™ GateKeeper Server provides a unique monitoring system to check on each individual child's web activities.  This monitoring system provides the tools necessary for parents to study their children's web access statistics and examine the web sites they have visited.  The web access statistics include time, dates, and domain names.  Based on this information parents can reconfigure those accounts for better results.   


Per-User Account Monitoring.  System provides the per-user account monitoring utilities.  Parents can use the tools to monitor their individual children web accesses.


Protects User Confidential Information.  Gargoyle™ GateKeeper Server locks all the system data, user confidential information, user identities, and account information against reads and writes attempts. This prevents children and other system users from manually altering previously set configurations without parental consent.  The data and information are also protected against Internet intruders.  

Protects Web-Based Business Services.  Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can only protect their resources and services inside their firewalls, or security systems. These systems are very expensive but have serious limitations.  In addition, the locations of the servers that provide these services are made available to the public through other online services beyond the firewalls.  In many instances, malicious intruders are able to reach the servers, and gain or disrupt their services.  Gargoyle™ GateKeeper Server protects the identities of these critical source server computers.  This cost-effective solution provides the highest level of security for business owners.      

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The Gargoyle eSecure Suite is available either as a separate product, or as integrated part of the Gargoyle Enterprise Edition.

The Personal, and Enterprise Editions are suitable for all environments.  They support comprehensive filtering, monitoring, eSecure Suite, and the ISMT tools. 


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