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Parental Control System
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The large scaled & commercial use of this product is prohibited without prior approval.   For the corporate use please use the link above for similar product available under the "GargoyleTM Corporate Edition".

  Gargoyle Enterprise Solution  - For Families, and Small Businesses
SoftAlleyTM  presents the most flexible web-based filtering, monitoring, and protection system for families with older children, and small businesses.  While the Standard Solution offers adequate protection for families and businesses, the Enterprise solution is equipped with even more powerful tools for handling highly complex user customization requirements.  This solution supports all types of Internet accesses and browsers.  It requires minimal technical support and maintenance.

The additional ISMT, and the eSecure Suite provide the most powerful security and management tools for families, and businesses.  In addition, its low set-up, flexibility, reliability, maintainability, easy upgrades, and operation cost makes it extremely attractive. The Enterprise Solution provides a very powerful and private personalized filtering and monitoring system for groups of web-users on home-based computers.  Its design enables parents to control and monitor their individual children's web access. The system provides an alerting system to be used for alerting the parents of any user web access violations.  This system surpasses the other existing ISP-based parental control systems.  It provides complete cost saving and private customization without interrupting current systems. 

Furthermore, users have the option of dropping the unreliable ISP-based security features. The use of intelligent and self-tuning optimization modules provide the high-speed performance, and powerful security system on user computers.  The Enterprise Solution provides advanced tools for customizing computer labs used by various age groups.  Families with teenagers at home, or more computer literate children, should consider using the Enterprise Solution to be assured of full protection.  It allows parents to fully customize each child's accesses on the web; it enables home-based businesses, schools, and corporate to protect their resources against Internet intruders; and it creates a secure online environment so that libraries and schools can ensure the safety of young Internet users.  Gargoyle GateKeeper Server can be deployed in various network configurations, providing a complete web-based access control system.     

The Enterprise Solution is available at a special introductory price for family use only.  Parents who do not need the "Gargoyle eSecure Suite", may only purchase the "Gargoyle Personal Edition".  The additional Gargoyle eSecure Suite may be purchased separately at a later time.  

This is the best solution suitable for Families, Public Libraries and Educational Institutes, and Small Businesses. 


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The "GargoyleTM Personal Edition", is a light version of the "GargoyleTM Enterprise Edition".  It is implemented identical to the enterprise edition, except, it does not provide the "Gargoyle eSecure Suite" package.  However, the eSecure Suite may be purchased as a separate product.  *


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