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* Internet Security Management Tools (ISMT) 

Like the rest of the Gargoyle products, the ISMT features may be programmed in a very dynamic environment.  This means that the individual features may be turned on/off, or individually personalized for specific users and during certain hours of daily operation.

The full user access and security protection goes beyond adequate domain and content filtering requirements.  The existence of an insecure chatty and noisy network requires the use of additional tools to ensure secured user communications, a secured computer system, and a high level of performance. The issues range from severe security threats to user superior expectations and convenience.  The ISMT package provides such tools for the problems such as:

  • User unauthorized on unsupervised web access provides difficulties for parents, businesses, and institutions.  

  • Parents may find it useful to turn off the web access during certain hours of the day.  This allows these working parents to control their children behavior during the working hours, or passed late hours.  

  • The use of computer hardware creates a different, but serious, security and privacy problem because of the potential loss of valuable financial and user information.

  • More troublesome security threats are silent.  For example, many user computers are ‘chatty’ to strangers.  These computers may exchange sensitive information over the Internet without requesting the computer users’ permission.  They may spy on family members or other users, and they may easily exchange very sensitive information with unknown local/remote intruders, and hijackers.

  • The use of the ISMT system may stop online eavesdroppers, and spy agents from obtaining users’ personal messages.  

  • The ISMT system may stop computer local/remote intruders and attackers from hijacking the user computers for illegal purposes. 

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User and corporate information may be locked against unauthorized user and employee disclosure.



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