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We deliver some of the most powerful products and solutions that can solve both your security problems and protect your user data.  You will only pay for what you need.  We deliver the only solution in the market for solving some of the most fatal attacks.

In addition to providing one of the most powerful solutions to protect user data, we aslso provide the only solution that defends against cross site request forgery attack - one of the 10 most important factors in application security. 

All our products may be installed on local and remote computers for domestic and corporate use.  All the configurations and system information are fully protected as encrypted files residing on local and corporate remote server computers.   There is no need for external interference and monitoring.  Gargoyle GateKeeper provides one integrated solution along with quality of service and privacy protection.  It stops unauthorized users and children from disclosing sensitive information on the Web.  It provides anonymity to computer users in cyberspace.  It offers 100% accuracy in a full web access filtering system that allows parents and corporates to rate web sites according to the level of trust; though as a precaution it will even filter contents provided via trusted web sites. 

It protects computer users from web sites that violate their privacy and place Spyware agents on user computers.  It protects the computer system against local and remote intruders by securely locking the file system and encrypting the contents.  Additionally, it safeguards computer resources from unauthorized remote access by only allowing access to trusted clients from trusted domains and addresses. 

It allows email users to stop Spam emails and protects children and corporate email users from receiving emails from distrusted email senders and ISP domains containing inappropriate subjects.

The product prevents disapproved remote access to the computer for identity impersonations.   It allows remote users to become anonymous in the cyberspace.

The email senders may choose to protect their email messages, attachments either fully or partially as well as to store or exchange the encryption keys with the email recipients with no electronic storage or transmission requirements.   In addition, they may use very complex encryption keys to encrypt their computer file systems.  The product prevents computer file system corruption through multiple encryptions by allowing encryption ownership for each file.  The person who encrypts a file (without keeping the original copy) in the computer will also own the file until decrypting the file.  No other user on the same computer will be allowed to encrypt the already encrypted file.  

This product allows web users to shut down the embedded ‘script language’ within the page resources.  This prevents the use of powerful scripting languages within the web pages from processing user information and transmitting them without corporate or parental knowledge.

This product can be used as an automated service running in the background within the operating system.  This allows the application server to be launched immediately upon turning on (booting) the computer.  The automated list update, moreover, provides a maintenance-free system.     

This product supports proxy chaining, which enables the network architects to use the product in various network setups to take full advantage of its functionalities, its privacy protection and security tools. 

This product conforms to all types of Internet connection requirements (DSL, Modem, Cable, LAN), all typical ISP’s requirements (e.g., ‘automated configuration script’ and ‘external proxy servers’), and all available browsers on the market.


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We create customized filtering and monitoring solutions to meet your needs. Rely on our skilled network security and privacy professionals to build, manage, and maintain your corporate network security systems.


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